10 New Years Resolutions for Creative Business Owners

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So now that it’s that whole “new year, new me” thing right now at the start of 2020, it’s time to set out and make some resolutions. Of course, I do have personal resolutions and things I want to improve, but these are my new years resolutions for creative business owners that I think will apply to so many of us working in these kinds of industries.

New Years resolutions for creative business owners

If you’re trying to grow, improve, or organize your creative business in 2020 then you have to set yourself some goals and objectives. After all, aren’t New Years Resolutions basically just goal setting anyway? Even it’s a goal to change something about yourself, as long as you have a measurable or actionable way to improve that thing you can treat it like a goal.

Why should creative business owners set New Years Resolutions?

It’s important to have objectives to work towards. What better time to set these than the start of the year? These New Years Resolution ideas for your creative business will hopefully give you some inspiration for make 2020 the best year for your and your business.

1 – Ditch toxic clients

We’ve all been there with some clients that are, for lack of a better phrase… A pain in the ass. Sometimes they’re critical and mean, but usually they’re just very particular. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a negative but when it stresses you out it’s definitely time to ditch that client. The money isn’t worth it. Same with clients who regularly skip on invoices.

2 – Set work/life boundaries

How many times have you checked your work email when out of the house and let something stress you out when there’s nothing you can do about it right then? Yeah, that’ needs to stop in 2020. Even if your business is your life, stop letting it interfere with your relaxation time. You’ll do your “job” better because of it.

3 – Invest in yourself

This one can be pretty broad and, depending on your particular industry, can mean a lot of different things. Maybe this is where you buy that gym membership so you can be healthier and therefore work more efficiently. Or maybe you take an online course you’ve been eyeing off. Whatever it is, this is the year you spend some time (and money) for you.

4 – Work on your social media

Maybe you’re great at this, but more than likely you’ve let it slide. If doing all the things is too overwhelming, choose one social media network that makes the most sense for your niche and focus on mastering that. Then create a content plan and make regular posts.

5 – Up your rates

Although we don’t always get one, the “cost of living” raise is supposed to be 2% each year to account for inflation. If you’re not giving yourself a raise each year then you’re basically taking a pay cut. For 2020, take a look at your rates and see whether or not you need to increase them. This is especially true if you’ve never raised your prices!

6 – Be more social IRL

This isn’t about going to party with friends (although the right party might help grow your creative business too). Get out there and attend events in your area that pertain to your niche. These can include professional development like conferences, or even something like an art gallery opening if you’re a painter.

7 – Go offline

Most of us do all, or at least a large potion of our businesses online. It’s not despite that, but because of it that we need to set some offline, screen free time to center ourselves and even draw inspiration. So resolve to go for a hike, visit a museum, or browse a craft sale. Set a realistic plan up for this (eg. Once a week, once a month, etc.) and you’ll be surprised how much new inspiration you’ll draw from your experiences.

8 – Read more books

Yeah, this is the most stereotypical resolution on this list, but for good reason; books are great. What you read is up to you, but some ideas are: business growth and development, self-improvement, time management, or niche-specific non-fiction. Or just take a break and entertain yourself with some great fiction stories and just enjoy reading for fun.

9 – Improve your workspace

If you don’t already have a dedicated workspace 2020 is the year you figure that out! Even if space is tight you can still create something like an “office in a box” where you keep all your business stuff together. If there’s more room, have a desk or office space that’s dedicated to your business.

For those who already have workspaces or home offices, make sure it’s cleaned up and consider investing in some new accessories to make it a space you really want to be in.

10 – Be more confident

Even some of the most successful people I know still have their confidence waver every now and then. In 2020, resolve to work on your self confidence, self worth, and personal belief in your creative work. That might mean standing your ground when you believe a design is the right choice, or submitting your short story to a contest or publishing house.

You’ll always get rejection in a creative career, but with confidence you’ll accept that it wasn’t the right fit, and not assume it was because you don’t produce good work.

Are you a writer? You may enjoy these New Years resolutions for writers too.

These are my New Years resolutions for creative business owners, but what are you 2020 New Years resolutions for your business?