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Paradise Media & Marketing Websites

All of our website and branding projects are lead by our designer who has over 16 years of experience in the web design and development industry. Websites with Paradise Media & Marketing are more than just a place for people to find you online – they’re developed just for you to reflect your unique branding.

We use a combination of creative tools and custom code to create websites our clients love to show off. Because website design is a lot more than just installing a template.

Our websites are built primarily in WordPress but we also have experience with Shopify. Between those two platforms we can offer so many extra features including online stores, MLS listing integration for real estate agents, members only areas, directories, events calendars, booking systems, and much more.

Your Investment

Branding, social media, and website design are all part of your investment in your business. Ever heard of the phrase “you have to spend money to make money?”

Well we’re in the business of helping you make money.

Why the Upfront Pricing?

We’re not here to use aggressive sales tactics on you or upsell something you don’t need. We believe strongly in helping our clients grow – and that means letting them know where we fit in their budgets before we start.

We have no hidden fees and no surprise billing. 


How much does it cost to build a website?

All prices in CAD. GST extra.

Winnipeg Web Design

We’re located near Winnipeg, Manitoba. We service clients anywhere but if you’re in the area we’d love to meet in person about your next project. There’s nothing better than having a local Winnipeg web designer at your disposal!

Complete Branding Package – Starting at $1500+ with any website

Need more than a website? We also offer a complete rebranding package that does it all.

You get:

  • Custom Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Branded Social Media Graphic templates
  • Social Media Branding on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (Profile Pic, Header Image, Services Added)
  • 1 month of our standard social media package

Website Updates – $60/hour

We can update the information on almost any existing website – regardless of who built it or what system you use. We also provide technical services to fix errors.

Website and Branding FAQs

Are the costs listed REALLY the prices?

All prices are listed in Canadian dollars without GST. So your actual price will be your package cost + 5%.

There are three ways the price might be different than what the package says.

1. You choose the wrong package for your needs and we can only offer a more expensive one to meet them.

2. There are extras you want not included in the package – we’ll always quote these for your separately before you commit.

3. You’re choosing the Specialty Website package. These sites start at $3,000 but the price varies depending on what features you choose. 

Is the branding package discounted?

Yes, the branding package is discounted bundle of our most popular branding services. 

Why are your websites different?

Everyone has a different style of website design but we feel like ours capture the brand image our clients are going for.

We also offer a lot of extra services like social media management so you don’t need to go to multiple companies for your marketing needs.

How much will my website cost me per year?

We offer hosting packages to our customers. They’re more affordable than hosting on your own and we take care of everything. 

Contact us for details.

Let’s build something together.