Marketing & Social Media Services

Marketing and Social Media Services

Your marketing is the first impression anyone gets from your company. Whether it’s a print ad or a Facebook post, that reflects you and your company.

What do you want your customers to see?

Nowadays, marketing is more than just advertising. Every time someone sees a piece of content you put out, that’s an interaction for your brand. It’s all about presence. 

Interactions don’t just increase you sales, they also keep your existing clients or customers happy and engaged.

Customers and clients expect the companies they work with or buy from to have a social media presence.

Platforms we work with:

        • Facebook
        • Instagram/Reels
        • Twitter
        • TikTok
        • YouTube
        • Pinterest


Graphic design

We can create custom, branded graphics for all your social media platforms. That includes the standard square icon, plus other types of images, banners, and even Pinterest pins.

Monthly Marketing Services

Set it and forget it marketing so you don’t need to think about it. We design, curate, organize, and schedule posts across all the popular social media platforms so everything is always up to date.

Print Media Desgn

Offline marketing is still a thing and we’re ready to help. We can design flyers, brochures, business cards, clothing, or anything else you need.

Facebook and Instagram Packages

All prices in CAD. GST extra. Need something else? Contact us for a custom package.

Custom Marketing Plans

Need something as unique as your business is? We can custom design a marketing plan for traditional marketing channels, social media, or a combination of both based on your businesses’ mission and goals.

By combining competitor profiling, data analysis, and industry experiernce our team will develop a customized plan tailored to your budget aimed to maximize conversions. The campaign can then be carried out by your in-house team or us.

We also run all your social media advertising on your behalf, including technical set up, demographical targeting, and ad re-targeting.

Due to the nature of social media marketing including AI learning, all custom marketing plans require a 6 month minimum contract.

TikTok and Instagram Reels

Reach a new audience with custom Tiktoks and Reels. We create funny, relatable videos based on current trends. Then we use appropriate hashtags to help get them seen.

TikTok and Instagram use powerful algorithms and while we do our best, we can’t guarantee any video is going to go viral.

These campaigns are best when done on a regular basis. We recommend one video per week or more, but even 1-2 a month is a great start.

Pricing for TikTok and Instagram reels starts at $50 per video, or $75 to post on both.

Additional fees apply if you’d like us to work on site, collaborate with you as we create the video, or provide any special editing. 


    Twitter varies a lot in terms of what we can offer. We have similar services for Twitter as the Facebook and Instagram packages, however, we prefer to design custom campaigns for Twitter. 

    If you’d like to use any of our regular marketing plans for Twitter we charge an additional $25/month scheduling fee. This is because Twitter doesn’t offer a built in scheduling program and costs us extra.

      Ad Campaigns

      We can help create different campaigns to help drive traffic to your website or business through a variety of channels. 

      Here’s just a few of the advertising services we offer:

            • Advertisement design, copywriting, and slogans
            • Social media campaign design based on your goals and budget
            • Social media ad design and management
            • Google adwords management
            • A/B testing
            • Landing page design and sales copy

      Print Materials and Other Design Work – $60/hour

      We’ve designed all types of print materials including business cards, flyers, brochures, clothing, promotional products, print ads, and more. Pricing depends on how much time is involved in the project and how much additional work you need us to do (eg. copywriting). 

      Let’s build something together.