10 Actually Doable New Years Resolutions For Writers

by | Jan 2, 2020 | Goal setting | 0 comments

Look, this new year, new me crap has to stop. We get it, we all have to do better. But it’s hard. So I decided to come up with some actually doable New Years resolutions for writers. We’re all in this together, after all.

Actually Doable New Years Resolutions For Writers

We all need a win sometimes. Add some of these to your list of New Years resolutions and slay at least some of your goals for 2020.

1 – Create or find playlists for your different moods

Even if you don’t have time to put together the perfect playlist, at least search a few out and save them. You need something uplifting for when you’re feeling low energy, something that’s great for productivity, and so on. Think about what suits you and your writing personality! (Personally, I get distracted with lyrics and like EDM if I’m trying to focus, for example.)

2 – Write in some new spaces

Everyone needs a change of pace once in a while. Make 2020 the year you try writing in some new locations. Whether it’s a local coffee shop the beach, enjoy being a writer and the flexibility it has by getting yourself out of the office.

3 – Try writing something new

Whether it’s a poem or finally finishing your novel, it’s totally doable to try writing something different than what you usually do. You never know where it’ll take you either; I once won opera tickets by submitting to a haiku contest on Twitter.

4 – Make your writing space more comfy

Invest in a great office chair, a pillow, a scented candle… Whatever you can make happen and that will make you happy. These little things that make your writing space more comfortable can help your productivity and desire to actually get some work done.

5 – Call yourself a writer

When someone asks what you do for a living you better answer “I’m a writer”. If not, make that your 2020 New Year’s resolution. Don’t sell yourself short, even if you don’t make a “full time” salary from your writing. You’re still a writer (if you want to be).

6- Start journaling

This is something that you’ll be surprised helps your own writing and mental health. There’s something about just writing down how you feel that is therapeutic. Whether it’s every day journalling or just a way of keeping track of your writing thoughts and ideas, that kind of “no pressure” writing is a great creativity tool.

7 – Read more

I have yet to meet someone who’s passionate about writing who doesn’t also love to read. Whether it’s more blog posts, non-fiction, or just great fiction stories your writing will only get better the more you read. Since it’s 2020, maybe start with “The Great Gatsby” or other 20s themed books.

8 – Enter a writing contest

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small local contest or a national thing, it’s fun to enter contests and even more fun if something great happens because of them. You might not win, but you definitely won’t if you don’t try. If you’re strapped for time, stick with something simple or that plays to your strengths.

9 – Get more sleep

Yep, this is an easy one. Except it’s not, because sleep can be tough to find the time for. Still, you need to get your rest so make more, or better, sleep your 2020 New Years resolution. Your writing will thank you. If you really can’t make this happen then dammit take a well-deserved nap whenever you can.

10 – Surround yourself with inspiration

Follow some inspirational meme pages or other writers, save a Pinterest board of things that motivate you, or spend time with people who help fuel your passion. Whatever it is that gets you inspired, add more of it to your life in 2020!

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You don’t need to do all of these New Years resolutions for writers to improve your 2020! Just do your best, and stop putting so much pressure on yourself in the new year.