The Best Work From Home Jobs in 2020

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Work from home

I see this all the time. Especially since I make a great income working from home and have all the flexibility in the world. Still, what you’re going to be able to actually do at home depends largely on your skills. To try and help you find the right fit, here’s the best work from home jobs in 2020 so you can start a new or side hustle this year.

The Best Work From Home Jobs in 2020

Before we get into it: although I am calling these “work from home jobs” a lot of them are actually more like side hustles and gigs. It’s pretty tough to find a traditional job when working from home for many reasons. Employers have very little ways of tracking work from home employees, you might not have all the equipment you need at home, and so on. So they prefer to pay by the job.

For the record I’ve done, and do, both hourly and project-based work for clients. If you really want something that’s paid by the hour, your best bet is to find a small business. Try one that’s looking for part time in a skill you already have.

What skills do you need to work from home?

It depends! Sometimes you can land work from home gigs like being a virtual assistant without any previous experience or skills. But, having some kind of skill will definitely give you an edge. Here’s some examples of sought after work from home skills:

  • Strong English language skills, especially writing and editing
  • Dual or multi-language skills for translations
  • WordPress backend experience
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Photography
  • Web or graphic design
  • Social media skills
  • Bookkeeping and other accounting/payroll
  • Logistics experience (eg. booking travel)
  • Having worked in a similar position before that you’re trying to find from home

Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant as a work from home job in 2020

This isn’t something I personally know a tonne about, but it’s hugely popular right now. A virtual assistant, or VA, works by the hour for a company or individual doing anything a traditional assistant might do, plus basic admin work. It’s kind of branched out to be a suitable job for those “jack of all trades” kind of employees that work remotely. One day you might be booking a flight, the next day updating their website.

It’s actually pretty easy to get started as a virtual assistant. All you have to do is build yourself a resume or CV and advertise your skills. A common way to do this is on Facebook groups dedicated to this exact purpose. You can also advertise to your own family and friends, you never know who might know someone who needs some extra help. Later on you could add in a website to advertise your skills and experience.

Common VA jobs

  • Updating websites
  • Adding content or blog posts to websites
  • Writing or queueing social media posts
  • Managing someone’s schedule
  • Basic bookkeeping

Your most common clients will be blog and website owners, but definitely keep an open mind.

A lot of virtual assistants work small amounts of hours for multiple clients. So you might do 3 hours a week with one, 5 hours with another, etc, all together making up a decent income.

The biggest downside to being a virtual assistant is that it’s a very saturated market with a lot of people in developing countries willing to take on non-language dependent and unskilled work for very low rates. If you cut out an edge, or have great skills and experience, you might just have success.

Be a professional writer

Be a professional writer and work from home in 2020

I’m not talking about getting started on the next big novel (although if you have that in you, do it too). If you’re looking for a job you need money and this type of writing is a great way to do it.

Bloggers and website owners don’t make all of their content in house, it turns out. A lot of blogs actually pay freelance writers to populate the websites. It’s great because no one person can do it all, they don’t have to worry about paying by the hour or payroll, and writers get a chance to hone their skills and have others read their work.

The pay for and ways to get these types of articles varies a lot depending on your own preferences and skills.

Method 1 – Pitching

If you have a lot of great ideas or fantastic stories to tell, then you might be better off pitching your writing to major publications. Last time I heard, Today’s Parent pays $200 a post for example. Now, it has to be good and unique. But if you’re a decent writer with a good story then someone will likely buy it.

When you go to pitch an article, don’t write the whole thing for them. If it is written, just give them an outline of what it’s about. If they decline, keep pitching to other publications until someone wants to buy it, or come up with another idea.

Method 2 – Finding paid blog posts to write

Most commonly I find work like this in Facebook groups. Bloggers and business owners will put out a request for writers at a set price per word or article. The quality and skills required to write these varies, so do your research about what’s expected before taking on one.

You’ll do better here if you have any experience, or brush up your knowledge on how to write for SEO (search engine optimization).

Method 3 – Write posts to sell

Similar to method 2, except in this one you write based on stuff you know about and sell the unique content. You can often sell these a bit more than you’d make writing for a website but you have to do the extra work of selling the content, sending it out, etc. Again, there’s dedicated Facebook groups where you can list your posts. They have to be unique information though!

Be a Graphic Designer

Work from home as a graphic designer in 2020

I have to admit, this one kind of makes me cringe because a lot of designers have years of experience and skills to carry on their trade, but there is still a market for budget-friendly graphic design that doesn’t require as much experience.

The most common way you’re going to find clients and be able to carry out the work at an entry-level is by making Pinterest pins and social media posts. Using something like Canva, you can make pretty decent graphics without much tech skills.

At the start, you might have to create some graphics to build a portfolio. Feel free to sell them on Facebook groups (yep, they exist for this too, just search). If you can land a contract with a blogger to do all their graphics you’ll be able to enjoy not having to look for work while making money – all from home.

Web designers are also in high demand and although I cringe at the idea of including this, a lot of people will pay for someone to set up a basic WordPress template with no extra custom design work or coding.


Childcare as a work from home job for parents

If you’re a parent looking to make some extra money from home, or you just love children, this can be a really great source of income. At least where I live, childcare is in extremely high demand. Filling spots is rarely an issue if you’re reputable.

You’ll have to look into the regulations of your area to see what’s required before you jump into this endeavor. Where I live, you do better if you get licensed. Plus the government gives you some extra help financially to get started and train!

Sell something

Sell something as a work from home job for 2020

There’s so many “hobby” style businesses that can actually earn a decent living. Whether you’re into hunting down and reselling vintage clothes or are fantastic artist that can sell their work, there’s probably some way to make extra money by selling something.

Without any special skills you can set up a shop on Etsy and start selling those kinds of things right away. Local craft fairs and Facebook buy and sell are also great.

I’ve read plenty of stories of people making good money on these types for businesses, but you’ll probably need an additional stream of income while you get started.

What you did/do for a living, but from home

Work from home in 2020

These are literally hundreds of jobs that can actually be carried out from home. I personally worked at a web design firm for 6 years, paid by the hour, all from home. My business partner worked in lead generation and was able to access the company intranet via VPN and make calls on his cellphone.

If you already did a job that could be done remotely, start a consulting company in that field. Then try and drum up business that way. It should be easier since you already have the experience, and possibly the industry contacts to make it work.

If you’re currently at a job that’s otherwise working out but you just want to be at home, trying negotiating the terms of your employment. You never know!

One of those advertised work from home jobs

Work from home job in 2020

The reason I’m putting this last is because I don’t have any personal experience with these. Nor do I know anyone who’s been involved with one.

Some of the popular ones I’ve seen are medical transcripts, typing out subtitles, and teaching ESL online. A word of caution: Some of these are probably great a reputable ways to make consistent income, but don’t get involved in anything that asks for money up front.

Hopefully these work from home jobs will help you make your 2020 amazing!