Travel Tips From A-Z

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Travel

Travel Tips From A-Z

I like to talk about travel a lot on this blog. Let’s be real, a lot of why I freelance for a living is so I can have a lifestyle that lets me travel in the first place. So, having been around the block a few times (if the block is places like Europe and Australia, that is), I’m here with my best travel tips from A-Z.

Travel Tips From A-Z

I thought a post like this might be fun to write. Basically what I’m going to do is list the alphabet, and give you a travel tip starting with each letter. Fun, right? Hopefully these travel tips will help you on your next vacation!

Tips from A-E

A – Always arrive at the airport on time or early. Just a couple weeks ago my mom almost missed her flight because security was slow!

B – Bring snacks in your carry on. You never know if your flight will get delayed or you’ll be stuck on the tarmac.

C – Carry on luggage should be good quality and lightweight. A lot of airlines are switching to charging for checked luggage so this is a great investment!

D – Drugs are your friend. If you’re afraid of flying, talk to your doctor before you go. I personally struggle to sleep on a plane so I take something to help me fall asleep on long or overnight flights.

E – Early boarding is good for some people but I prefer to avoid it. If you don’t need help, take your time getting on the plane so you can spend the least amount of time cramped in your seat.

Tips from F-K

F – Flight attendants are great! If you need something, ask them. You’d be surprised what kinds of things they can accommodate. But don’t forget to always be friendly… Their job is tough!

G – Get trip cancellation and travel insurance. You never know when something unexpected will come up… That’s why it’s unexpected! Seriously, this could save you thousands or more.

H – Have your favourite shows downloaded from Netflix before you leave home. That way if there’s no TVs in the seat, or you don’t like what’s on there, you’ll be all set! They’re also great for watching in the airport.

I – International trips means filling out customs and declarations forms. It also means going through security in that country. Be prepared for things to be different than back home!

J – Just relax and go with the flow. You’re on vacation! Stressing doesn’t make anything easier… Even if airports and flying is kind of stressful.

K – Kindness goes a long way. If you have the opportunity to make someone’s day better on your trip, do it. Even if it means switching seats so a family can sit together.

Tips from L-Q

L – Laws around travelling differs from place to place. If you’re travelling internationally, make sure you know the rules! Some things to consider are what’s allowed in your carry on, rules about travelling with kids, and even drinking age.

M – Most airlines let you check in 24 hours before your flight. Set an alarm and make sure to do it as soon as you can to get the best seat selection.

N – Never leave your luggage unattended. Seriously. Airport security will ask.

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O – Opening luggage is pretty common by airport staff. Make sure they can get into your suitcase by only using TSA certified locks. They will break other padlocks!

P – Pack light and pack smart. If you can buy something you might need at your destination, don’t bother bringing it. Take into consideration how much your bag will be tossed around when packing fragile items, too.

Q – Quick trips are never that quick. Always be aware of your boarding and flight departure times when heading out on an adventure to the bathroom or to get food.

Tips from R-Z

R – Running between terminals during short connections sucks. Most big airports have staff on vehicles that will give you a ride if you need it.

S – Security might be a pain but everyone is just trying to do their job. The kinder you are, the easier it will be. Also make sure to start getting ready before you get to the security point to speed things up!

T – Take off and landing might hurt your ears. To help ease the pain, chew gum or suck on something like a lollipop and swallow lots.

U – Use the bathroom before you get on the plane! Airplane toilets suck.

V – Visas are required to visit some countries, even Australia. Make sure you check online beforehand. Some take time to process! (I have personal experience scrambling to get my visa in the airport before heading to Sydney, Australia, several years ago because I had no idea.)

W – Window seats are nice, but often are hard to get. If you really want one you might want to pay extra to reserve your seat.

X – X-ray machines through security go a lot better if you’re not wearing any metal. Try and dress with this in mind and don’t wear too many things you’ll need to remove.

Y – You’ll want to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for travelling. Not only will the flight be uncomfortable, you might have to do a lot of walking in the airport too.

Z – Zzz… Sleeping makes the flight go quicker!

So there you go… 26 travel tips for your next vacation! Most of them are from personal experience… So my mistakes are advice for you!

Do you have any travel tips to add?