Website Design

Pearl EVM

Pearl is an artist located in Teulon, Manitoba. She’s been featured in several art galleries in both Selkirk and Winnipeg.

Pearl EVM Website Design in Teulon Manitoba

Pearl needed a robust gallery system to showcase all of her art, as well as a blog so fans could find her exhibitions.

Filterable Portfolio

By adding all of Pearl’s art into a portfolio her work can be easily viewed on her website and sorted by type.

This porfolio system is great for the user because it’s easy to navigate, but also for the artist. She can add unique descriptions and details to each image inside her portfolio. 

Pearl EVM Portfolio
Image Theft Protection

Image Theft Protection

An artist puts a lot of effort into their work but once it goes online it’s a lot easier for people to steal. 

We added extra image security in two ways: Fist, an automatic watermark goes on every image uploaded. Second, right clicking is disabled so pictures are harder to save.

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