5 Ways to Multitask WELL While Running Your Business

by | Jan 10, 2020 | Productivity

5 Ways to Multitask WELL While Running Your Business

A lot of people try to multitask. Surely doing more than one thing at once is more efficient, right? Theoretically, you’d get more done. Unfortunately that’s rarely the case. That’s why I’m sharing ways to multitask WELL while running your business, because there is a right and wrong way to do it.

5 Ways to Multitask WELL While Running Your Business

I’ve been working from home and freelancing for years, with my current business ventures already being a couple of years old. I also have young kids at home, so I’ve really had to master the art of doing more than one thing at a time.

It can be tough! And it doesn’t always pan out the way I hope.

Multitasking badly can not only be inefficient, it can leave you feeling downright anxious. Trying to do too much at once means you’re not doing anything well, probably not getting a single thing accomplished, and ending up stressed out. That’s not good for you or your business.

Here’s some ways you can multitask with your business and still be efficient.

1 – Listen while you work

This is one of my favourite ways to get two things done at once. If there’s a podcast, audiobook, or webinar you’ve been meaning to get to but just can’t find the time this is how you make it work. Of course, not every type of job will allow multitasking. If I’m writing I absolutely can’t do that effectively while listening to someone else talk! But if I’m updating websites and doing design work, definitely.

2 – Complete small tasks while waiting

In my line of work often I find myself stuck waiting a few minutes without anything to do. Sometimes files have to upload or download, or websites need updating. These things stop my work and force me to wait. Whatever it is that has you waiting, whether it’s something like my issues or even just being on hold when making calls, find something that can be picked up and put down quickly and easily. Some examples might be clearing off your desk, checking your email, updating your social media, etc.

3 – Walk and talk to multitask well

If you’re a workaholic like me it’s hard to pull myself away from it to do other things that are good for me, like exercise. If you go to the gym, consider multitasking like in step 1. But if your workout means walking you might be able to multitask. Make a phone call that doesn’t require anything but you or take advantage of voice to text software to take down notes for a meeting, blog post, and so on.

4 – Stack your tasks effectively

Not quite true multitasking, but this one is a very important skill to have. Structure your day around the waiting time between tasks. What does this mean, exactly? If you need email responses, send out those email first thing. Then move onto something else while you wait for a response.

5 – Turn leisure time into work time

I’m not saying you can, or should, never take a break! But, instead of sinking into the couch with the TV on every night, why not use that evening time to get some work done? Find some easy work (like scheduling social media posts, creating simple graphics from a template, or data entry) and do it while you watch a show or movie. By nature, multitasking is less effective and slower, but in this case it doesn’t really matter because it won’t really feel like work.

You should avoid multitasking

Personally, besides a few exceptions like the examples above, multitasking isn’t the most efficient way to get things done. If you really want to accomplish more in the day, group or batch tasks together, eliminate distractions, and take regular breaks. You’ll be more efficient and happier, too!

Can you multitask well?