Website Design


The Lundar AG Society is a non-profit organization located in Lundar, Manitoba (RM of West Interlake). We worked with a grant provider and discounted our rates to meet their budget so we could help deliver a high-end final product that will better serve the community.

A combination of stock photography and their own images helps bring those treasured elements of the rural Interlake into this website’s design.

Easy to Find Files

One of their biggest challenges was finding a way to make downloading files, including registration forms, easy for the public.

We integrated a document management system that can be interlinked from anywhere on the website so files can easily be updated and organized.

There is also a search function that makes it easy to find waht you need.

website file management system
Lundar AG society mobile friendly website design

Mobile Centered

Everything we design is designed with mobile browsers in mind. We try and keep everything a response as possible, but sometimes things just don’t scale properly.

We customized each page to make sure the mobile version looks as great as it does on the web.


Let’s build something together.