Website Design

Cindy Little, realtor®

Cindy Little is a real estate agent located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She wanted an updated website that not only got her clients the information they needed, but also one that would make a great first impression.

We went with a simple, easy to navigate design for Cindy’s new website. All of the graphics were chosen to reflect the type of client she’s looking to attract.

Fit for a Real Estate Agent

We integrated software into Cindy’s site that automatically pulls her MLS listings. It displays them on the homepage, and also on a listings page. It also manages her exclusive listings that don’t go through MLS, too.

Because the feed connects with the real estate board and updates automatically each night the website is always up to date.

easy to access, Everywhere

With so many people accessing websites on to go having a mobile site is really important. We make sure every page worked across mobile devices so that Cindy’s clients could reach her from anywhere.


Let’s build something together.