The Paradise Media & Marketing Team


I started professionally building websites and writing web content over a decade ago back when SEO was still a baby.

I also have 5 kids.

My specialties are SEO optimization, strategy, web/graphic design and technical tweaking, and creative writing.  


  • Sunglasses
  • Coffee that’s way too sweet
  • Writing
  • Memes
  • Beach vacations


  • Cold weather
  • The food in Cuba
  • Dogs (don’t @me)
  • When people ruin perfectly good cake by putting fruit in it
Everett Franchuk
Joshua Fraser


Josh joined the team as a professional writer over 2 years ago. He has a BA degree in applied psychology, which apparently doesn’t make him a psychologist. It does, however, mean he’s great at writing researched pieces and brings a strong academic foundation to his work.

If you’re wondering what applied psych is, it’s basically workplace psych, or HR style stuff. Pretty cool!


  • Delicious food
  • Procrastinating by playing guitar
  • Taking funny photos
  • Disney Parks
  • Mallards


  • Explaining he’s not a psychologist
  • Math
  • Foie gras
  • Gravity


Hi there! My name is Kyra Swanson and I’m one of the Content Creators at Paradise Media & Marketing! I’ve been involved in Marketing and Content Creating for the past three years and really enjoy helping others with their content!

10 Random facts about me

  1. I’m bilingual
  2. I find comfort in old movies
  3. I’m very sarcastic
  4. I play guitar and piano
  5. I find peace in thunderstorms
  6. I love to read
  7. I enjoy cleaning and organizing
  8. I prefer city over beach
  9. My happiness comes from french vanillas
  10. I play club volleyball


Coming off an extended leave as a stay at home mom of two, Christina joins the team with a passion for all things media. From the first time her photos were shared on the weather network, Christina has loved the hunt for the next perfect shot. What she hasn’t yet achieved in accolades, she makes up for in an eye for all things composition and design.

You can catch her spending hours on the perfect Sims house, or mapping out every square inch of her home on Sketch Up a 3D computer modeling program, when she’s not knee deep in the garden.



  • IKEA!
  • Dancing in the rain
  • Walking my rescue puppy
  • Thrifting


  • Cleaning muddy paw prints
  • Lack of sleep
  • The word moist


I’m new to all of this, but won’t be for long. 

Specialties include:

Creating music
Telling people to walk on the pool deck
Writing dramatic stories
Being dramatic 
Eating a 12” sub in under a minute 


  • Playing guitar
  • Pretending to know what people are talking about
  • Acting like I can see without glasses
  • Spontaneous cartwheels
  • Avoiding work by writing songs about avoiding work
  • Raspberry iced tea


  • Being wrong
  • People who brag about their muscles
  • Working out
  • Doing magic tricks because I can’t
  • Raspberries